Parkway Series - Road Runner
Perfect for players who prefer a traditional wood case crafted with time-tested construction methods.

If a classic look is as appealing as high-quality protection for your instrument, the Road Runner Parkway Series is your case of choice. Built with traditional methods and materials used over decades, the Parkway Series honors this legacy by using multi-ply wood, durable vinyl covering and authentic top-grade hardware for a classic finish. From stage to studio, you won’t find more reliable protection in a quintessential, ageless design.


Traditional styling with top-grade hardware and durable covering (in black or tweed) mitigates scratches and scuffs.

5-ply, all-wood construction offers superior protection from dings, dents and other on-the-road hazards.

Super-plush lining protects your instrument’s exterior and is non-reactive to most finishes.

Interior storage compartment provides plenty of space for your musical and personal accessories.

Rugged carry handle offers a comfortable grip and easy cartage.

Road Runner Parkway Series


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